We do tailor all of our courses to a company's specific needs but the following courses provide a rough outline of what we currently offer. 


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Introduction to Composites Course

Composite Repair Courses

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Introduction to Composites

2 Day Course


This course will provide trainees with an in-depth knowledge of composite theory including reinforcements, resins, core structures and ancillary materials. Trainees will also look at composite design, typical defects and non-destructive evaluation (NDE). Delegates will gain practical experience in RTM and prepreg Layup. These topics are taught around the context of their company's current applications and manufacturing processes.

Introduction to Composite Repair

4 Day Course


This course will provide trainees with the underlying theory and practical skills required when repairing a variety of composite components. Trainees will create and repair their own panels using current aeronautical or automotive repair manuals. They will gain experience in wet-lay up repair, prepreg repair, step, scarf and various core repairs whilst ensuring all relevant procedures are followed to produce a quality repair.